How do I know Marinis Financial Group is for me?

We are passionate about superannuation and retirement. We are the experts invited on a regular basis to provide seminars to our peers, most recently, Generation Life. This is part of our distinct difference. And we really, really know our stuff.

Clever financial strategies will enhance income and investment earnings. Critical pre-emptive thinking will foresee and overcome challenges. Proactive restructuring will encourage wealth accumulation. Robust internal development, quality checks and double-checks, strategy quality and accuracy reviews maximise opportunities and minimise threats.

One of the distinct differences about the way we look after you is invisible to the naked eye. But it is imperative to your financial well being.

We have a series of highly developed internal and external vetting processes, designed by us and based on more than thirty five years of expertise and our outstanding education and training. We individually test and qualify each strategy undertaken for your portfolio development. We back up our strategies with theory and checks, research and more checks. We are proactive in finding the very best way forward for your funds, because superannuation fund development is our core business. This is what we do.