Creating wealth is all about creating opportunities - to lead you closer to you having options and financial independence. Let's face it, we cannot all be a Kerry Packer or Rupert Murdoch, but we do all want to have control over the lifestyle we have now and want to have in years to come. Creating wealth is often more about thinking smarter not working harder. Making the right financial choices is one of the keys to a secure and happy future. We find that many people simply do not seek the right advice from the right people.

Thanks to the miracle of compound interest and the huge selection of great investment opportunities, anyone can be successful at investing if they make the right choices. Albert Einstein described compound interest as one of the greatest human discoveries, but it only works if it is given time. Spending time in investment markets is always a surer bet than trying to TIME investment markets.

At Marinis Financial Group we believe a critical component to creating wealth is to ensure that the assets you have or are creating, are all taking you in the same direction - towards your goals. All too often we find investments competing with instead of completing a person’s portfolio. The number of different investments you have does not necessarily create wealth; it is having the right ones!

Thinking strategically is also vital. When we meet, we will talk to you about who should own your investments - the best person may not be you. How regularly should you be saving? Should you have shares or property or bonds? What happens if the markets collapse tomorrow? What is your backup plan?

Clearly it’s not about throwing a dart at a dartboard and hoping for success. We know we have the solutions and the methodology to help you create and manage wealth. Flashy promises and the latest Hot Tip will not do it. A good understanding and adherence to fundamental principles takes the stress and worry out of creating and managing wealth. It is simply a better way to go.