Why your financial planner should be independent?

Being independent means that our advice is without any conflict

No commissions or product placement fees
No affiliation with product providers
No percentage based fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We have clients in every state and territory of Australia. Initial and review appointments can be conducted through videoconference (e.g., Zoom) or telephone.

The key difference is our genuine independent structure, which is surprisingly rare in the financial planning industry. Marinis is independently owned, independently licensed and independently remunerated.

We charge flat dollar fixed fees. We do not accept any commissions. If commissions can not be eliminated, these are rebated back in full to our clients.

Your initial appointment is complimentary, and the cost of your tailored advice will be discussed before you agree to proceed. The cost is based on your individual needs and no fees are charged without your prior signed and informed consent.

We do. There are a few key elements that form the foundation of how we recommend our clients invest their portfolios. These investment decisions must be backed by academic quality evidence that it can deliver consistent returns when compared to alternative strategies. The investment approach must allow clients to get through market downturns.  We also have a focus on the cost of investing, as the promise of high returns based on expensive management fees rarely delivers. This means our clients consistently pay lower superannuation and investment fees. 

The core of our Investment Philosophy is Index (or passive) Investments. For more information, please click here

No. We are independent, we have no conflicts of interest and have no incentive to recommend any particular product.

If you are a couple, it is important that you both attend meetings. We want to work with you together to achieve your life goals and objectives. If meeting in person is difficult, we can easily meet via video conference (e.g., Zoom).

Yes. Our Client Service Models enable our clients to keep in line with their goals and changing circumstances.

As an AFS licensee, Marinis Financial Group must adequately manage cyber security risks as part of our licence obligations.

To comply with these obligations, we have technological systems, policies and procedures in place to ensure your sensitive information is protected.

For advice and to receive the latest Federal Government updates on keeping yourself cyber-safe, visit: https://www.cyber.gov.au/protect-yourself

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Independent financial advice in Adelaide

Our vision is to be Adelaide's first choice for those who are serious about reaching their financial goals. To achieve this vision we communicate honestly and effectively, and where possible, educate our clients whilst being acutely aware of their goals and the changing world around them.

We measure our success by our clients’ satisfaction with our outcomes, and we instil our passion, ethics, knowledge and respect for the individual into everything that we do. Our aim is to provide our clients with a vivid picture of what a financially stress-free future will mean to them, and our role in helping them achieve it. 

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