Have you actually thought of not working?

Here’s some good news for you. There is actually life after work. And we’re not referring to the after-five-type-life either. We mean real life. Never-ending weekends and sun-soaked travel, deckchairs and good books, golf in the afternoons or all day if you prefer, lunches without the desk…you get the idea.

Well of course there’s a catch.

You need to pay for it. The life you live later is a direct result of your own dreams and planning, starting now. And no, you can’t just work forever.

You could always settle for ordinary, run-of-the-mill superannuation and retirement funding. This should hopefully provide for you in some way down the track. You could possibly stretch to a movie night every once in a while… because ordinary strategies provide ordinary results.

At Marinis Financial Group we are determined to transform ordinary into extraordinary. We pride ourselves on being distinctly different because we have experience like no other.

This is something we are nationally recognised for. We know superannuation and retirement. We know the rules and regulations inside out. And we know how to get what you want for your life after work.

The way we look at it, your superannuation fund is your Holy Grail. It holds your wealth, your dreams, your future. And we consider ourselves your very own Templar Knights. We will guard and protect your Holy Grail… ensuring your investment and your future. This is our reason for being.