We don’t mind paying tax, but only what we have to. All too often we find people, through lack of sound good advice or a lack of understanding, are paying a lot more tax than necessary. And how difficult is it for an individual to interpret current Australian taxation law and apply it to their own particular circumstances. That’s like you becoming your own heart surgeon.

Our financial advisers understand taxation and its impact on creating and managing real wealth. You will not find us advising you to avoid paying tax; rather we will show and explain to you strategies that, in many cases, can legally reduce the overall tax you pay. Over the years many of our clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars in tax.

Depending upon your particular circumstances, some of those strategies may include the effective use of superannuation, discretionary family trusts, company structures and corporate beneficiaries, negative gearing and tax- effective investments. Amongst all of those strategies and others we have used over the years, the key is to get good advice.

So if you are looking for great financial advisers who fully understand tax management within financial planning, do not hesitate to calls us at Marinis Financial Group.