Why are financial planning services so expensive?


You might think that this is an issue that we're largely oblivious to. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is, in fact, one of our most significant challenges - how do we convey to clients the value inherent in the work that we do?

Constant changes to Australia's superannuation, taxation and Social Security systems are not without justification. Often the law is extremely complex, and is literally changing daily. It has developed over many years into an ad-hoc, sometimes unfair, and always complicated tome of regulations, case law and rulings.

Financial Planning advice is unlike anything else you purchase. No matter who you 'buy' this service from, the result will look exactly the same – at least on the surface. You won't notice the quality in the type of paper used or the water resistance of the print! But how can you be sure that the advice you have received is correct? Have all the complexities, opportunities and pitfalls been considered? How can you be certain that the reported result is an accurate reflection of your circumstances and that all the future threats and opportunities have been considered in the final recommendations?

The answer, of course, is that you can't - unless you have complete confidence in your advisor. You should take the same approach when deciding who to see about your financial affairs as you do for any other purchasing decision. How can I get the best value?

We are always complete and thorough in the work that we do. Our staff are made aware from the moment they are employed that our philosophy has everything to do with the quality of our work. We invest large quantities of money, down-time and training resources in making sure that our team members are kept up to speed with the constant changes and developments in all the relevant laws. All of our work undergoes a rigorous review process to make sure that no stone is left unturned, and to give you confidence that our service is of the highest standard.

We promise you the best possible result for your money.